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Here are just a few Marylanders who have endorsed DP for House of Delegates.
I endorse Don, a man of integrity, accountability and wisdom to make Maryland a better place for all Marylanders to live, grow, and prosper. — Michael Sam

I met Don at the MDGOP Lunar New Year Celebration. He is so enthusiastic and he is the leader we need to defend our American Values. Jenny Zeng, PhD Candidate for State House Representative in District 9A — Jenny Zeng

I've worked with Don directly and known him for many years. He is a smart man, a family man and possesses unimpeachable integrity. When he says he'll get something done, consider it done well! — Russell Baker
Vice President, Path Technologies, Inc.
Victoria Birkett
Steve Corbeille
Ignacio Noboa
Tara Weyer
Frank Nice
James Wetzel
Ben Snouffer
William and Lilla Hammond
Jeffy Mattathil
Ron Trammell
Paul Agle
Maurice Ward
Denise Ziemba
Sudeep Banerjee
George Fox

Authority: Friends of Donald "DP" Patti | Joseph Jurgena, Treasurer
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