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Reinvest 10 -> Improving Education

Maryland's schools are struggling. Despite spending over $9 billion on schools at the state level, only 15% of Maryland students are proficient in math and only 24% are proficient in English.
And what was the response during the pandemic? Close the schools. Shift to remote learning. Let the kids — and parents — suffer.
To fix our schools, we need to reinvest 2% of Maryland’s state budget to:
  • Fund Charter and Magnet schools - Charter schools and magnet schools are consistently among the top performing (US News, 4/30/2019), so let’s spread them across the state. This will open doors for all students — low-income and wealthy alike.
  • Return SRO’s to schools - Our schools have never been more vulnerable to crime at school - from mass shooters to gangs to hate crimes. We need School Resource Officers (SROs) at EVERY school in Maryland to protect our children from the crime epidemic in our schools.
  • Break up large school districts like MCPS and replace them with small community-based school districts, so school board members can be held accountable and school programs can reflect the needs of the community.

Taking these four steps will set our schools back on track and return control of the classroom back to parents.

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Authority: Friends of Donald "DP" Patti | Joseph Jurgena, Treasurer
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